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Turn Down The Heat

There are so many easy ways to use less energy around the home without freezing to death or sitting in the dark. Switching off lights when you leave a room, turning the TV fully off rather than leaving it on standby overnight, not leaving laptops and mobiles charging 24/7, remembering to make your tea the first time the kettle boils rather than boiling it all over again 20 minutes later, or just simply putting a jumper on and turning the heating thermostat down a degree or two – all of these things are so easy to do and we’ve got a whole load of articles to remind you to do them…

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Turn down my heating in the middle of winter? Why, you better have a blinking good reason…

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Whether you live in a studio flat or a castle, you can bet that the biggest chunk of money you waste on your bills comes from not managing your home’s energy properly.

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