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Is my relationship over?

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They say love is blind. So how do you know if that guy your with is really the love of your life or if all your mates are just waiting for you to break up so they can say “I never liked him anyway”? Find out in our quiz…

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Fingers crossed Ashley doesn’t screw it up again (and here’s some green vibrators and recycled whips to help)

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There’s only one question on everyone’s lips now: is she or isn’t she back with love rat Ashley? We think Cheryl could do a lot better, but just in case the rumours are true we have a few pieces of advice for her to help make the relationship stick this time around. Third time lucky…

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Tell us how much you love us (or possibly hate us, but that seems unlikely) and win an iPad 2

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Like a paranoid teenager in our first relationship… we need to know how you feel about us. What does this mean, where is it going, should we move in together and get a dog? Quick, quell our irrational fears for heaven’s sake…

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How to move in with your other half and not turn them into the next Ryan Giggs

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Before you know it your other half has gone from sex bomb to Naggy McNag. You don’t have space for your things anymore, and you can’t even remember the last time you had control of the TV remote. Fear not, we have some top tips to stop cohabitation going pear-shaped…

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