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Be a winner, not a binner

Thinking more about what you throw away is one of the easiest ways to start being greener. You’re probably already sorting your plastics from your glass, but recycling can be so much more interesting than this. From light bulbs turned into plant holders to bath tubs transformed into book shelves, there are a million and one ways to reuse stuff or share it with others rather than throw it away. And all of them are guaranteed to help you pimp your crib without costing the earth. Check out our articles for inspiration below…

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Meet the Youtube Heroes!

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So, if you follow us on twitter you might have noticed through our tweets that we’ve been getting a bit excited by one of the things we’ve been doing recently, we didn’t want to give too much away to begin with, but now it’s live, I’d like to introduce you to…DRUMROLL PLEASE…the Youtube heroes! Lex! […]

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Luxury hotels at sea to save old oil rigs?

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Now here’s an interesting one, what happens to an old oil rig when it runs out of oil and is decommissioned? These hulking great structures that are dotted across the globe will all eventually run out, but, according to Morris Architects, over the next century there’s roughly 4000 that are scheduled to be decommissioned in […]

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