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Meat Free

Supermeat: the animal-friendly meat + the no ‘poo movement is here

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Check out the top results in the world of green news…

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Mike’s 30-minute (meat-free) meals: Pumpkin and Coriander Soup

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Mike’s been cooking up a storm in the kitchen this week…

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Screw crisps! It’s time to eat cricket chips instead

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You know what they say… six legs are better than four…

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Perfect for picnics! Fala-fall in love with scotch eggs again

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With summer rolling in, here’s a recipe that your friends won’t be able to take their pork pies off at the picnic. Nuff said’…

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Vegetarian cooking that’ll still make you feel manly

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Here’s a recipe that will have you flexing the guns, your face erupting with facial hair and, best of all, a dish worth crowning you the manliest vegetarian of them all…

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