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Kelly Brook

WEEKEND TREAT: How to ooze Hollywood glamour like Kelly Brook

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Kelly Brook looked dazzling at the Skyfall premiere on Wednesday evening…

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WEEKEND TREAT: How to get perfect curls like Kelly Brook

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Because looking good doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

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Reasons to snog, marry and avoid Jessica-Jane Clement, Kelly Brook and Harper Beckham

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This week it’s the battle of the busty brunettes for our affections and our youngest ever entrant into Snog Marry Avoid…

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ONE OF THOSE FEATURES WHERE WE TELL YOU WHAT TO WEAR: Get flirty in floral like Kelly Brook

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We almost didn’t recognise Kelly Brook in this lovely flowery dress. We love her pretty floral Spring look which would look great for all your April parties.Here’s how to get her look the eco-friendly way…

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Babes on bikes ft. Kelly Brook (and you thought Monday mornings were crap)

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We know you’re probably feeling a bit blue about the fact you’re at the office this close to Christmas. Here’s a bit of Kelly Brook to cheer you up…

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How to buy the right size woman’s bike

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Going Going bike brings you their ultimate guide for buying a bike to fit a lady…

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APPS: Use musical GPS so you can cycle everywhere like Boris Johnson and Kelly Brook

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This weekend we saw Boris Johnson and Kelly Brook hop on their bikes to promote SkyRide London, an initiative to get as many people cycling as possible. We know that finding your way on a bicycle can be tough at times, so with this great app you’ll never get lost again…

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How getting on the bus makes it safer to stare at Kelly Brook naked

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We’ve offered you countless reasons to ditch your car and hop on the bus or train over the years. From ways to serenade a hotty on the bus to how to sex up the ride to work without getting thrown off. But now we are looking after your safety by helping you stare at boobs without ending up in hospital…

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ONE OF THOSE FEATURES WHERE WE TELL YOU WHAT TO WEAR: Get your kit off like Kelly Brook in these itsy bitsy eco-bikinis

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Who needs crash dieting and the latest exercise fad to get the perfect beach body? In a poll by Gillette Venus, both men and women picked curvacious Kelly Brook as the best bikini body in celeb-ville. We’ve hunted high and low to keep you (not so) covered for all your string bikini needs, so you can embrace your curves like Kelly Brook…

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The top 10 sexiest men on earth

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Inspired by FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2011, we have come up with our own list of our top 10 most gorgeous celeb boys. We’ve judged them not just on looks but also on how kind they are to their planet because everyone knows that being green is sexy…

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School of Cool #13: Billy Zane

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This week’s top of the class is Billy Zane…

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