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Save The F*cking Planet sweatshirt and more from Rapanui

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Wrapping up this winter doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

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Who needs indoor heating when you can have super-insulated clothing instead?

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Imagine if we focussed on heating our bodies rather than our houses…

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COMP: Beat the January blues and win a jar full of sunshine

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We have a cool Sun Jar Solar Light to brighten up your mornings…

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Four really easy ways to be nicer to the planet

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Here are four easy green tips to follow so you can do your bit too…

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How to lose those pounds and pinch those pennies: Make 2015 the greatest (and greenest) year ever with our top five New Year’s resolutions

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We’re keeping it nice and easy this year with our top five New Year’s resolutions – a list of simple things you can do that will have a big impact on your life (and Mother Nature too)…

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Beat the winter blues! 5 simple ways to make your day better

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Are you having a bad day? Try out some of these tips to cheer yourself up…

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Check out the solar power plant that’s stolen our hearts

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A company called Conergy are planning to build a heart shaped solar plant on the South Pacific island of Grand Terre…

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How drinking more water and buying yourself a new laptop can help save the Earth

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Check out all our tips to make your life easier, while easing up your footprint on the planet too…

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Battle of the Blondes: Eco Saint Kristen Bell vs. Eco Sinner Taylor Swift

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gThis week, it’s judgement day for Kristen Bell and Taylor Swift…

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COMP: Sick of dodgy WiFi? Win an awesome bit of tech that’ll save you from taking it out on your laptop

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If waiting for the internet to load is becoming the bain of your life we’ve found something very cool that can help…

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APPS: Move over Angry Birds, Tiny Wings is the hottest new game

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This week, the top app is Tiny Wings: a game about a tiny bird with big ideas…

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NO LIKEY, NO LIGHTY: Abbey Clancy makes a right tit of herself

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Because having a wardrobe malfunction shouldn’t cost the Earth…

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How to make your home more energy efficient

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Here are some steps we can take to cut energy bills. And rest assured, they don’t require you to spend a fortune in the process…

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GREEN SCREEN: How to drink a lot of rum like Johnny Depp

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Global Cool’s expert film writer Charlotte Harman reviews The Rum Diaries starring Johnny Depp and Amber Heard…

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COMP: Win a Saveometer from Eco1 and never get a nasty surprise bill in the post again

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Imagine if you could see exactly how much your gas or electricity is costing you every minute. Well now you can with the awesome Saveometer from Eco1…

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