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The six hottest celebrity couples in the world right now

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We love a good power couple! So here’s our favourite green celebrity couples, because you know being kind to the planet makes you cooler…

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School Of Cool #65: How to bag yourself a supermodel girlfriend like Leonardo DiCaprio

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We were browsing through our School Of Cool gallery and couldn’t believe Leonardo DiCaprio was missing. He’s been working hard for green causes for over a decade and it’s about time we stood up and took notice…

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How getting on the bus makes it safer to stare at Kelly Brook naked

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We’ve offered you countless reasons to ditch your car and hop on the bus or train over the years. From ways to serenade a hotty on the bus to how to sex up the ride to work without getting thrown off. But now we are looking after your safety by helping you stare at boobs without ending up in hospital…

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