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COMP: Win a lovely mango gift set from The Body Shop

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For a chance to win a Body Shop beauty set just answer this easy peasy question…

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WEEKEND TREAT: Butter Fingers protective hand cream from Skinny Dip

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Check out this gorgeous natural beeswax and cocoa butter hand cream from Skinny Dip – it’s our product of the week…

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WEEKEND TREAT: Lotion up! How not to get lobstered by the UK heatwave

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This fair weather doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, and as rumours circulate of yet another week of sunshine we’re sure your sun tan lotion stocks are diminishing…

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School Of Cool #109: How to be Fantastic like Jessica Alba

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This week stunner Jessica Alba is top of the class…

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WEEKEND TREAT: How to get a Hollywood tan like J-Lo without getting tangoed

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Don’t run the risk of getting Tangoed – invest in this eco-friendly fake tan from Fresh Indulgence instead…

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COMP: Win a Macadamia Natural Oil set and give your hair a special treat

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We know you like to look good. And shiny, lustirous hair is a sure fire way to get heads turning. So we’re here to help with this lovely prize…

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WEEKEND TREAT: Wrinkles getting you down? The Eco Beauty Shop can help…

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Are you obsessed with wrinkles? It’s time to stop wasting your time and choose a product that works…

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Get pecks like Becks and keep your balls golden

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We’ve seen David’s style evolve from a bleach blonde teenager with curtains to (let’s face it) something very close to perfection. So we’re here to help with these male beauty tips and eco products to keep you men looking so top-notch and Beck-oming…

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Reasons to snog, marry and avoid Jared Leto, Leonardo DiCaprio and Drew Barrymore

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This week we’re snogging one of our favourite musicians, marrying a very cool actor and avoiding someone surprising…

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Four easy ways to get a guy to ask you out

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So you’ve met a guy you like; Everytime you see him it feels like butterflies/fireworks/Christmas/whatever floats your boat; But he still hasn’t asked you out. Sound familiar? Give these tips a go and we’ll see if we can make romantics of you all yet…

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Reasons to snog, marry and avoid Phoebe Tonkin, Emily Blunt and Snoop Dogg

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This week we’re snogging a very pretty werewolf, entering inro a polygamous union with one of our fave couples and avoiding a rapper who’s completely lost touch with reality…

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GET THE LOOK: How to look pretty in pink like Holly Willoughby this Spring

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There’s something about Holly Willoughby’s big smile and bright outfit that make us really start to feel like Spring is here. So we’ve hunted high and low to find the best of eco fashion so you can add a pop of pink to your wardrobe…

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DREAM JOBS: How to be naturally beautiful with Greenwood Organics

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We caught up with Zoe Greenwood of Greenwood Organics to find out all about her lovely natural skincare company…

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WEEKEND TREAT: How to get a guilt-free chocolate fix

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Find out how to get your chocolate fix calorie-free…

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Fancy going on an adventure? Don’t leave home without these manly travel must-haves

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It doesn’t matter where you’re going, the modern man should be equipped with all the essentials when traveling…

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School of Cool #100: Why Alicia Silverstone is anything but Clueless

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Now we’ve reached out centennial post, we thought we’d save the slot for someone really extra special. And the winner is… Alicia Silverstone…

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