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Fall in love with cycling again plus how to brush your teeth on a bicycle

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Welcome to this week’s collection of cycling stories from around the web that got our attention in the past week…

Car/Bicycle trade-in offer
Fallen out of love with your car? Fancy trading it in for a bicycle? Well one US bike shop is offering just that. Santa Monica Mountains Cyclery (SMMC), a bike shop based in Woodland Hills near Los Angeles, will accept a car as a trade-in towards new bicycle purchases. SMMC is working with local automotive dealership, Vista Ford, on the trade-in offer. Consumers get to choose their bikes SMMC (they only stock high-end models it seems) before going across the road to Vista Ford to have their car valued. Once the car is handed in to Vista Ford, the owner can return to SMMC and ride away on a bicycle costing the same amount as the car. The trade-in scheme will be live for a week from March 19th to 25th.

Plant pots for bikes
Let’s face it, we bikers are a warm fuzzy lot. We love everything about being outside and the environment. So, what better way of showing off your love of nature by decorating your bikes with plants in true hippy fashion. Designer Colleen Jordan has created a bicycle-mounted planter that allows you to do that as the picture below shows. Called the Bike Planter, the plant pot is made with a 3D printer with nylon being the base material for the pots. The Bike Planter fastens on to the bike with an elastic nylon cord. You can purchase the product via Etsy.

The bike as a way of life
This is Derek Arnesen’s usual morning routine. He’s never too far from his bike. Pretty impressive stuff!! Wonder if any of you guys start your commuting day out like this?

External car airbag could save lives
Swedish car maker Volvo has a reputation for being at the forefront of safety engineering for cars with many of the modern day advances such as in-car air bags being seen first in Volvo models. They’ve now taken the airbag concept to the outside of the car in a bid to protect cyclists and pedestrians when a collision occurs. Featuring for the first time on its 2013 V40 model,  the airbag sits beneath the bonnet of the car. A sensor on the car will automatically spring the airbag into action if a pedestrian/cyclist comes into contact with the front bumper of the V40. The airbag will only deploy if the sensors record that the car is travelling between 12mph and 31mph. Volvo don’t claim it will stop fatalities or injuries but it may stop pedestrians/cyclists going through car windscreens as well as minimising further injuries when pedestrians/cyclists roll on to a bonnet of a car.

The anti-theft bike light
Picture the scene. You cycle to a pub or to a meeting in the evening, park up but then forget to take your bike lights with you. We tend to do this a lot here at Going Going Bike. Luckily we not had a pair of bike lights nicked yet but theft of bike accessories is a common problem. Step forward, The Defender, a theft-resistant bike light, that locks onto the handlebars making it next-to-impossible to remove. For the light to be removed from the the handlebars, a special security screwdriver that is not commercially available is needed. This is provided with the light when it is bought. The Defender is also waterproof as the build contains three, tightly sealed silicone gaskets. The Defender, which is made by the wonderfully named Gotham Bicycle Defence company, is expected to ship in June.


Here comes the science bit…

Global Cool wants you to lead a green and happy life. This article can help you to be green by:
1. Walking or cycling whenever you can
2. If you can’t cycle them make sure you’re using public transport rather than the car.

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