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How to keep your head above water on the first date

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Underwater Dinner DateBy Emily Rycroft

We stumbled upon @FirstDateHell on Twitter and found it hard to tear ourselves away. The idea is to sum up your terrible dates into a 140 character Tweet and share it with the world. From a date who thinks she’s a fax machine to horrendous dinner conversation, it got us thinking about how difficult first dates can be. We’ve picked our top eco-tips for your first date to stop you from having a dating fail…

ShoppingDon’t go shopping
Don’t buy new clothes for a first date. Firstly, you’ll have  no idea how your new garments will behave out in public – the last thing you need is a skirt that rides up or a top that falls down without you noticing. Secondly, it’s the perfect excuse to borrow. Raid your mates’ wardrobes and pinch all the things they’d never usually let you borrow. And lastly, if the date does go wrong at least you won’t have blown loads of cash on something you’ll probably never wear again.

PicnicThink outside the box
Break the traditional dating mould by swearing off dinner, cinema or drinks. Why not hire some Boris Bikes and go for a cycle or take your date for a winter picnic. It’s inventive and you’re much less likely to run out of conversation. Use the venue or activity as an opportunity to show your date that you’re a cut above the rest – they won’t forget you in a hurry.

London BusDo It In Public
Save money by both of you travelling to your date by public transport. With no one driving it means you can have a few drinks and you won’t run the risk of being smashed while your date is sober or vice versa. Also, if  you’re trying to be fashionably late, a delayed bus is a decent excuse.

After following all these tips you’re sure to have a successful first date and if you do end up back at theirs make sure you turn off the lights to save energy!

Have you had a first date from hell? Tell us about it in the comments box below or on Twitter @global_cool

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