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Rain rain go away! Top tips for cycling in the British weather

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Because getting around in the rain doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

Rain Cycling

After the distinct lack of snow over Christmas, it looks like we’re in for more rain over the next few weeks! If you’re one of those awesome people who cycles all year round, we’re here with some top tips for dealing with the British weather on your bicycle…

Take a brake
When the roads are wet your stopping distance can be greately increased. The roads are slippier and it’s harder to get some tread on your tyres. Be a bit more cautious in situations where you may have to stop suddenly and try lughtly pulsing your brakes to squeeze off excess water before any hard braking.

Grow up
We know the feeling of whizzing along on your bike, splashing through puddles and crushing leaves can make you feel like a kid again. But beware… puddles can often be deceptively deep and there could even be a pothole or rock lurking beneath their murky depths. Similarly wet leaves on the road can cause your tyres to slip out from under you especially when you’re going around corners in the rain.

Light up your life
This is the time of year when being as visible as possible really is important. The darker mornings, earlier evenings and unpredictable bad weather are all contributing factors to you being harder to see on the roads  Make sure you have proper bike lights, spare batteries and reflective clothing to help other road users see you better. We know a high vis vest may not be the coolest look on the catwalk right now but it’s worth it if it’ll stop you getting knocked off your bike!

Go slow and be sharp
One of the best tips we can give you is to take your time on the roads – going slower gives you more time to react to any impending dangers and will keep you safer in the miserable weather. It’s also important to keep alert so make sure you’re fueling up properly and never cycle under the indluece on alcohol/severe hangover.

For a few more tips, check out this video…

frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

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