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Our top five dating faux pas (including why nudity and littering might ruin your chances)

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Bad Date

With our increasingly busy lifestyles, the dating world is tough enough these days. We want to make your life a little bit easier so here are a few topics to avoid on a first date in order to cement a second one…

Dating faux pas #1: “My car is parked just around the corner”
CarIf you think driving to your date will make you look flashy, think again. By driving you’re running the risk of striggling to find somewhere to park and turning up late for your date (noboday wants to be kept waiting). Also, if you’re driving, you’re not drinking. We’re not saying get plastered on the first date, but a few glasses of red can ease those jitters. Here at Global Cool, we think the best dates are the ones with a little spontanuity, but having a car leaves little room to hop on a train to a random party. Leave the car at home and Do It In Public instead – you won’t regret it.

Dating faux pas #2: “Oh no, I never recycle”
RecyclingYou may be thinking you’re coming across as easygoing with this confession, but you’re actually sending off a very different message. If you’re not recycling, you’re cutting corners. And if you’re cutting corners at home you might just be the sort of person who cuts corners in relationships. Remember, nobody likes a lazy lover.

Dating faux pas #3: “I’d never wear the same thing twice/I have 6,000 pairs of shoes”
GolddiggerWe love shopping – we really do. But showing off too much about a lavish lifestyle or shopping addiction could deter a potential love interest. Not many people want to date a gold digger and if you spend every second day buying a million things you don’t really need then I’m afraid you’re moving into high-maintenance territory.

Dating faux pas #4: “I’m always on a plane jetting around the globe”
AirportYou’re thinking they’ll see you as a high-power jet-setter. They’re wondering how a relationship is ever going to work when you’re constantly in the sky. Ditch the plane journeys, stressful airport queues and never-ending jet lag. And if you really have to travel, why not try a Traincation instead – much less stressful, and you can spend the journey time catching up on the phone with your new beau.

Dating faux pas #5: “I always walk around naked at home”
NakedOne of the most common dating errors is sharing too much too soon, and conversations about nudity are not always the best way to present yourself to a new person. Also it’s much cooler to wrap up warm at home anywhere in a stylish jumper and turn down your heating. No one wants to get caught by their weird neighbour in the buff anyway, so leave a little something to the imagination!

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