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Young people claim back their future

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Because giving a crap about your future doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

The Future

So we don’t want to get all boring and political on you, but there’s some big climate stuff going down in Europe at the moment.

Basically the Polish government are trying to stop the European Union from coming to an agreement about how to stop climate change (which is really, really not cool). So yesterday a hot new campaign called The Future performed a silent protest on the borders of Poland and watched to see whether the Polish government made the right decision.

Young people living in Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden, Slovakia and Belarus donned The Future’s symbol – a circle drawn around the eye (which means they are rising up to fight back, they are judging the people in power and they refuse to be victims of climate change).

We think it’s awesome to see young people taking control of their future (and looking so pretty while they do it).

Go to The Future’s Facebook page to see more great photos and find out more.

frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

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Image: The Future.

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