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This is what happens when you dance in the middle of the road in Oxford Circus

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Because saving the Earth is down to us…

The Future Flash Mob

Last Friday, we bore witness to something pretty cool in London. As the United Nations met in Bonn to talk about how to save the world from climate change, a group of young dancers from London gathered around the junction at Oxford Circus. They’re a new element of The Future (remember those cool climate kids we told you about a while back?) and they’re called The Future Flash Mob.

They wanted to make London stop – just for a moment. They wanted people during their daily rush to ask why the kids are dancing in the midst of traffic; putting their bodies at risk to make people stop and pay attention.

And so we watched in anticipation as they stepped out into the junction – easy as that.  Four people in high vis vests with traffic cones blocked four lanes of traffic. This cleared Oxford Circus for the dancers to enter and dance.  Then someone hit play on a portable sound system and everyone stopped and watched.

It was a pretty spectacular sight to see Oxford Circus grind to a halt for a couple of minutes during rush hour while young people danced. They danced to take back their future and it looked bloomin’ beautiful.

Check out all the photos now or see the amazing video of The Future taking over Oxford Circus here

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Images: The Future.

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