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SPORT IN PUBLIC: On the bus with Vinnie Jones’ novel approach to saving Arsenal’s season

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It’s been a week when the seemingly impossible happened: Manchester United losing two on the spin, Tim Howard scoring from a zillion yards, Joey Barton and Arsene Wenger uniting in their mutual disrespect for referees and David Beckham’s missus turning down the chance of multiple shopping trips in Paris.

This weekend the action continues with The FA Cup, once the much-loved “greatest cup competition in the world”, now little more than a practice match for the soon-to-be-flogged-in-the-January-window rejects. Apparently tickets for the big tie of the weekend between Manchesters City and United are yet to sell out at the time of writing. If you decide to take one of those thus far unwanted seats, or are travelling to any sporting event this weekend then make sure you Do It In Public and get there by bus or train. You can plan your journey by public transport here. You’ll thank us when the inevitable need to drown your sorrows/celebrate a giantkilling kicks in.

Here’s a few football gems Sport In Public has found this week to help you pass the time while you Do It In Public


We’d like to start by talking about a footballer doing it hard and fast. No, this is not a video of Ryan Giggs on a visit to his brother’s house, it’s a slightly bizarre – although in a good cause – video starring Vinnie Jones for the British Heart Foundation. Reports that Arsene Wenger has been studying the video in order to rescue Arsenal’s season are unconfirmed…

To mark Tim Howard making David Beckham’s long range effort against Wimbledon look a bit lightweight, here is a celebration of that rare thing in football – goalkeepers scoring rather than saving goals…


If you’re wondering why going for a meal with his wife and mates constituted a crime so great that Wayne Rooney was dropped for Manchester United’s defeat to Blackburn on New Year’s Eve, perhaps this clip of Rooney taking the mickey out of Sir Alex Ferguson at the United Christmas quiz provides a clue. Revenge is a dish best served by making your star player sit in the stands. Either that or Fergie just really doesn’t like the latest incarnation of Rooney’s born again barnet…



It’s January, which can only mean one thing. That’s right, it’s the time of year when presenters on Sky Sports News start having multiple orgasms every time they see a football agent on the phone. If you’re as massively over-excited about the prospect of Robbie Keane returning to England as they are, then you should probably download this Football Rumours app to satisfy your need for completely unsubstantiated gossip.


If you are still interested in the FA Cup we’d recommend this nostalgic look back at one of the greatest Cup upsets of all time, when Sunderland won the competition back in 1973 – Stokoe, Sunderland and 73: The Story of the Greatest FA Cup Final shock of all time.

Here comes the science bit…

Global Cool wants you to lead a green and happy life. This article can help you to be green by:

1. Using public transport rather than the car.
2. Even better… walk or cycle if it’s convenient.
3. Whatever device you’re using to watch those videos, make sure you only leave it plugged in for as long as it takes to charge, not over night.
4. Read e-books rather than paper ones.
5. If you’re more of an arm chair fan make sure you turn the TV fully off after the action has finished. Standby is for losers.

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