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SPORT IN PUBLIC: On the buses with Denis Law, Plan B and the worst thing to happen to music since Chris Waddle’s mullet

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By Stephen Ferdinando

Well, we may have abandoned Premiership football last weekend, but we’ll let them off considering our 3-0 victory over Bulgaria (except you, Frank Lampard) and another win over Wales. This weekend sees a return to routine that can’t come quick enough (seriously, did you see the Walezzzzz game?). Man City are taking on Wigan, Arsenal battle with Swansea and Spurs play Wolves in a fight for much-needed points.

We know there’s nothing more satisfying than screaming “Ref! You idiot” from the stands, which is why we love encouraging you to go and support your local teams. There’s only one thing we implore – that you Do It In Public on the way. There’s a wealth of things you’ll be missing out on if you’re driving, and here at Global Cool we’ve collected just a few of them…

Here’s your video starter for 10, including some wonder goals, some more wonder goals (this time from England – yes there have been some!), the worst penalty you’ve ever seen and former Villa and Man United legend Paul McGrath in the worst football/music crossover since Hoddle and Waddle (truly bizarre)…



If you’re not already, make sure you follow our new Global Cool Sports Twitter SportInPublic. It’s literally the best thing ever. In fact we heard a rumour that they were going to replace Sky Sports News with a screen shot of the feed (but as we started that rumour it may hold little validity). Once you’ve started following (and only once you’ve started) check our Twitter Tip for this week – Waatpies. My God these guys know what they’re talking about; they make Chris Kamara look like Alex Reid.

Dennis LawBooks/Articles
Now we know that papercuts can be dangerous, but we’re fairly confident that the roads are riskier. That’s why we have a Read Of The Week, so that you know the best soccer literature to indulge in while Doing It In Public. This week – it’s footballing vetern Denis Law’s autobiography My Life In Football. The ex-Manchester United star and Scottish hero releases his memoirs next month, and there’s guaranteed to be some excellent tales enclosed. If the hard back doesn’t tickle your fancy though, here’s a little collection of The Funniest Sports Signs for you to scroll through.

Our App this week is so good there’s a chance you’ll get so engrossed to whiz straight past your stop! When stuck with the gruelling decision between whether we want to post an app or a game the Global Cool office normally ends in a violent brawl, so to avoid any drama we’ve gone with a fusion of the two. Football Manager 2011 is probably the most addictive thing since Snake first appeared on those Nokias many moons ago. Plan B recently revealed a secret addiction to Championship manager, and considering this is made by the same team I think we’re onto a winner.

Let us know what you think on twitter @SportInPublic or via the comment box below…

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