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SPORT IN PUBLIC: On the buses with frankly anything that can help you avoid watching another England match

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By Stephen Ferdinando

It’s been an ugly week in the world of football, with Emmanuel Adebayor on the receiving end of some appalling behaviour from Arsenal fans and Arsene Wenger refusing to shake Spurs’ coach Clive Allen’s hand. Perhaps for the best then that the Premier League is having a rest to let Fabio Capello’s England, er, thrill us yet again against Montenegro.

If you’re off to watch the not-s0-beautiful game elsewhere this weekend you’ll be finding yourselves in a Wenger-style stand off with us if you’re not Doing It In Public on the way . And to make sure we win you over we’ve searched the world wide web to bring you a wealth of treats…

We figure the best way to kick things off is by easing you in gently with a few vids. There is something about a good football clip that just makes you want to show everyone you meet it. This header from the halfway line is just that.

And this is something we used to be able to do, before the injury…

Whilst Twitter can be a tool for unequivocal evil, it is occasionally used for good. After the news about Tom Bender’s injury Twitter saw a tidal wave of get well soon messages pouring into his page. Lovely. If you’re interested in non-evil twitter pages then check out SportInPublic – our very own sports feed. And on top of that, check out The Football Rambler, those guys literally cannot stop updating (but in a good way).With apt discussions and a sharp wit they really are worth their weight in gold. 

We are going crazy for FotMob – it feels like we’ve been waiting our whole lives for it. We know that you guys love your international football as much as you love your British, which is just one of the reasons this little gem is so handy. At the touch of a button you have coverage of MLS, Premier League, Ligue 1 La Liga, Mexican league, 1,2&3 Bundesliga, SPL and most other football leagues! If that isn’t enough – well then you’re just getting greedy.

In keeping with the serious (ish) tone of today’s article, we’re going to encourage you all to read A Life Too Short by Ronald Reng  – the biography of the late Robert Enke. But if you’re still hating on Tevez, as most people are, then check of the Tevez A-Z to get you giggling. The money mad among you might also like to check out the Football Rich List, which details how much the 100 richest people in football are worth.

Let us know what you’re thinking via the Twitter page or the comments section below…

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