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APPS: Get a bit retro and travel all the way to outer space on your way to work

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By Emily Rycroft

Fed up with reading the Metro cover to cover in five seconds flat on the way to work? Fear not, we know you’re all big kids at heart so we’ve got all the best game apps to help keep your pecker up while you Do It In Public

Space Invaders

Space Invaders Infinity Gene app – £2.99

Space Invaders AppIt’s time for a retro revival with the Space Invaders Infinity Gene app. This game is a revamped version of the Japanese game and draws on elements of the original Space Invaders. The more you play, the more you unlock, with each new level expanding your weaponry and skills. You can play your own music within the game or listen to the original space invaders soundtrack. It’s also been dubbed “one of the best shooter experiences on the iPhone”, so you just know you’re going to end up shouting out loud when you’re Doing It In Public and you lose a life!

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