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Shock, horror! How we fell out of love with the iPhone…

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broken iphoneBecause staying in touch doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

It’s one of the hottest topics on everyone’s lips at the moment and if you haven’t heard about it you must have been living under a rock somewhere… yes, the iPhone 5 is out!

Now, we’ve always been a massive fan of iPhones and Androids (it’s better to only have one device to make calls, play all your music etc) and we’ve even spent a fair amount of time researching and reviewing all the best apps for your iPhone (ones you could only play on public transport when you leave your car at home).

So you can imagine our disappointment when our Twitter pal Alice Handscomb informed us that the brand spanking new iPhone 5 is significantly less green than the old model!

Dr Craig Jones of Sustain has done a spot of digging and here’s what he has to say about Apple’s latest offering: “Despite its lighter frame, the carbon footprint of producing the iPhone 5 is 73% higher than the iPhone 4S. To add to this, the iPhone 5 releases 57kg of CO2e in its production, in comparison to 33 kg of CO2e for the model it’s replacing. Over its entire lifecycle the iPhone 5 consumes 75kg of CO2e, which includes material production, transport, consumer use and disposal. However the iPhone 4S comes in over a quarter lower at 55kg of CO2e.”

Or, in layman’s terms… Apple has taken a big dump all over the planet!

And to make matters even worse the new iOS 6 version of the iPhone has got rid of Google Maps and put Apple maps (*shudders*) in its place. Say goodbye to those awesome public transport instructions on Maps because they’ve been given the boot.

The older version allowed you to plan routes via public transport at the touch of a button but now you’re just redirected to a list of other apps you will have to download and launch instead of simple instructions (which is less than helpful when you’re trying to track down the last night bus at 3am).

We’ve heard on the grapevine that Google are bringing out their own Maps app to download, but knowing Apple this probably won’t be allowed.

So, what to do? Well, if you refuse to buy it then there’s a chance Apple might remedy these problems for the next upgrade.

If you really are an absolute Apple addict and can’t live without buying an iPhone 5 please, please remember to recycle your old mobile phone and don’t just leave it kicking about in a drawer somewhere. And make sure you download some decent public transport apps too to find your way around.

UPDATE: Treehugger reports today that the iPhone 5 is actually the easiest phone to repair, meaning it’s less likely you’ll need to buy a new one if you break it. Every cloud…

frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

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