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Why two wheels are better than four for getting the ultimate adrenaline rush

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Because being a daredevil doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

Bike Jump

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Mountain bike freeride is an insane form of cycle sport. You ride down mountains, drop off cliffs and do tricks like double back-flips.

The epitome of the sport is Red Bull Rampage. Held in the Utah mountains in Virgin, Utah, some of the action from the riding is breathtaking, given that one mistake could lead to serious injury or possible death.

The 2012 edition, which took place last week, was noted for a crash involving US rider Cam Zink. Zink attempted to cross a 60ft canyon gap out on the course and lost control mid air as the videos below show.

Miraculously he wasn’t seriously injured and came away with just bruised heels from the incident.

The footage is simply amazing. Check it out now…


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