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How to make a purse out of an old cassette tape

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Because turning old trash into new treasures doesn’t have to cost the Earth…


By Joanne Prescott…

The cassette tape! What an extraordinary invention it was – around just long enough for people to accumulate vast collections, only to find it replaced by the next development in music technology… But instead of throwing them away or letting them gather dust, here’s a crafty tip on how you can reuse these retro beauties, and give them a new life in the form of an unusual purse…

PurseYou will need:
– A cassette tape (of course)
– A zip (roughly 10 inches/26cm)
– A piece of fabric (at least 10 X 12cm)
– Strong glue (Ideally all-purpose, not superglue!)
– Scissors
– Needle and Thread

1. Start by dismantling your cassette tape, so you’re left with two separate halves. Some cassettes are held together with small screws, so you’ll have to use a screwdriver on these ones, but often they’re just glued together so can be pulled apart fairly easily, especially the older ones! (e.g. my Billy Joel tape…) If they don’t come apart at first, try forcing a blunt knife into the cracks and prising them apart.

2. Next, you need to glue along three of the edges of the cassette, as shown here, and attach one side of the zip. Make sure the zip is undone before you start, and start with the end which has the actual zipper part attached.


3. Once you’ve done this, do the same for the other side – attaching the zip to the same edges but on the other half of the cassette tape. You will then need to cut off the excess (still making sure the zip’s undone, so you don’t cut off the zipper!)

4. Next, cut your fabric to 10cm x 12cm, and glue it in place as shown here:


5. PurseThen bring the other side of the tape round to face the side you have just glued the fabric onto, and repeat with this side. The purse will start to take shape once all the fabric has been glued down. Lastly, as the zip stopper (not sure if that’s the technical term…) was cut off in step 5, you will have to make your own – Sew a few stitches onto the zip, to make sure the zipper doesn’t come off the end!

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Pics: Joanna Prescott

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