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Why you’re showering too much + plastic bags turned into designer furniture

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Because awesome news doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

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Roll up! Roll up! It’s time to check out our favourite stories in the eco world this fortnight…

6 Reasons You Should Stop Showering Every Day
“Showers work like coffee for some, providing the stimulation it takes to wake up and start the day. Other people use them to wind down and relax after a tough day or difficult workout. But according to dermatologist Dr. Ranella Hirsch, if you shower every day, it might not be good for you.

Showers disrupt natural processes that occur on your skin and in your hair and nails. They also waste clean water, which so many people in the world lack access to…”

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Reform Studio ChairsThis company turns recycled plastic bags into designer furniture
“Cairo’s Reform Studio is turning trash into treasure with its Plastex material, which is woven from plastic bags using Egyptian handlooms.

Plastic shopping bags, as useful as they are for the 12 minutes when they’re in use, are a curse on our planet. While it can be simple enough to avoid them by bringing our own reusable shopping bags with us, the fact that millions of them are made each day, to be used only briefly and to then spend years afterward contaminating our shared resources, is enough to make even the staunchest treehugger throw their hands up in defeat…”

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