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We heart these mobile libraries + renewables beat coal and nuclear, again

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Because awesome news doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

The Mongolian Childrens Mobile Book

Roll up! Roll up! It’s time to check out our favourite stories in the eco world this fortnight…

Get on board with these 9 mobile libraries
“One of the earliest mobile libraries was in 1857 and pulled by horse carriage in England. It circulated around eight villages. The next year, another horse-drawn library popped up in England, The Warrington Perambulating Library.

These inventive libraries even have their own national day. The American Library Association sponsors an annual National Bookmobile Day and celebrates bookmobiles and their dedication to serving their communities.” Check out nine mobile libraries from around the world over on Treehugger now…

Climate Change Island LifeTiny island nations aren’t just going to drown. First they’re going to dry out
“According to a new study published in Nature Climate Change, up to 73 percent of tiny island groups — home to about 16 million people — will be facing increasingly dry conditions by mid-century.

Let’s acknowledge the great, cruel irony at work here: The residents of small island nations have effectively done nothing to cause climate change, certainly compared to those of us in the affluent developed world, and yet they’re the ones facing the most imminent and existential threat due to sea level rise. If global climate models can’t even account for them, that seems … wrong?” Read the full story on Grist now…

Offshore Wind UKRenewables output beats coal and nuclear, again
“Opponents of renewables like to argue that wind and solar are too intermittent to ever make a significant contribution to our electrical grids.

But these arguments are beginning to look decidedly questionable, at least in the UK. New figures from analyst firm EnAppSys suggest that output from renewables once again beat out both coal and nuclear in the UK’s power mix for Q1 of this year.” Get the scoop on Treehugger now..

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