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Why we’re big FANS of IKEA’s newest investment

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Because being a big, successful company doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

IKEA Windfarm

Just when we thought IKEA couldn’t get any (planet) cooler, they went and did something else. We like their plans to install free electric car chargers outside their stores; we love the fact that 90% of their warehouse stores will soon host solar panels on their roofs; And we adore the fact that Brits will be able to actually buy solar panels in UK stores from this summer.

IKEA have now gone even further by investing in an enormous wind farm in Illinois called Hoopeston Wind. They’ve already invested in a handful of wind farms in Canada, and it’s great to see their eco empire grow!

Hoopeston Wind will produce a whopping 98 megawatts of electricity when it kicks into action in 2015. That’s over two times the electricity needed to power all of the IKEAs in America!  All of those megawatts will be sold locally, and IKEA will count them toward its overall renewable energy goal: to be totally carbon-free by 2020.

Now someone pass us a plate of meatballs…

frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

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