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How to make a Pepsi can light up your world

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Turn something old into something new with our fab recycling feature from Joanne Prescott


They say nothing in life is free, but here’s a totally free and easy craft you can try… a clever and versatile ashtray or holder (for coins, earrings, tea-lights) using something that would otherwise be thrown away as rubbish – Now that’s green!

AshtrayYou will need:

– Scissors

– An empty drinks can

–  And that’s it!


1. Pierce a hole in the side of the can, quite near to the top, and cut around the can in a circle, so you’re left with this:


2. Discard (recycle!) the top part, you don’t need this. With the remaining part, cut 16 equal strips vertically down the can, and fold them out into a sun shape.

3. Then take one of the strips (be careful of the sharp edges!) and fold it over the top of the next strip along, and tuck it underneath the strip after, like so (once completed, there will be no sharp edges left exposed, so it’s all safe!):
Recycling cans


4. Do the same with the next strip and then carry on with the same method all the way around. When you get the last strip, it needs to be tucked into the gap between the first and second strips you folded.
This funky creation has many uses – ashtray, coin holder, jewellery storage, desk tidy, tea-light holder… The possibilities are endless! And it’s absolutely free!
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Here comes the science bit…
Global Cool wants you to lead a green and happy life. This article can help you to be green by:

1. Thinking about everything you throw away and making sure it can’t be recycled into something better
2. Creating cool new things out of old junk you have lying around

Pics: Joanna Prescott

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