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App of the week: Don’t cry over spilt water

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By Liberty-Belle Howard

Our guide to the best iPhone apps for making you just that little bit greener…


Here at Global Cool we’re all about using public transport, but of course there are times when taking the car is unavoidable. Toyota has come up with the theory that if we all drove with a glass of water on our dashboard (and tried not to spill it!) everyone would drive less aggressively and more carefully – lowering our fuel consumption by about 10%. This is a great idea, but driving with a glass of water on the dashboard could be potentially disastrous – your legs are definitely at risk of getting wet, and no one wants that.

Luckily, Toyota aren’t just talking the talk – they’ve come up with a “glass of water” app – a virtual glass of water that will spill if you accelerate too fast or brake too hard. Just pop your iPhone on your dashboard, passenger seat or in the cup-holder, load up the app and you’re ready to go. It gives you instant feedback on your driving, giving stats such as route, distance, driving time, idle time, average speed and water spill in centilitres – so next time you take the same route you’ll know where you need to change your driving.

You can use the app in conjunction with website aglassofwater.org in order to analyse your driving in more detail and get tips on how to become a more careful driver – so you can spill less water next time. Excellent idea, eh? Just make sure you don’t get too addicted to watching the glass: you still need to keep your eyes on the road!

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