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Screw crisps! It’s time to eat cricket chips instead

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Because eating your favourite snacks doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

Chirps Cricket Chips

At Six Foods, they believe six legs are better than four, and so they’ve introduced their first insect-based food – Chirps Chips. Although the idea of eating bugs might give you the willies, it’s actually healthier and better for ol’ Mother Earth, so hear us out…

Chirps are made with wholesome beans, rice, and cricket flour, and are baked (not fried) with a light spritz of oil. They have three times the protein on crisps, nearly half the fat, and are high in calcium and iron.

They’re completely natural, gluten free and in just one serving you get seven grams of protein – that’s more than an egg!

The peeps at Six Foods will be releasing Chirps in Sea Salt, Hickory BBQ and Aged Cheddar flavours, and you can preorder your own packet of cricket crisps here.

Still a bit grossed out? Maybe this video will help…

frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

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Images: Six Foods.

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