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Want to borrow an iPad for £20?

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By Emily Rycroft

So we’ve shown you how to swap your clothes with the Art of Swishing and introduced you to the world’s biggest wardrobe at London Frock Exchange. Owning things is so last year. It’s all about swapping and borrowing these days.

Now it’s time to broaden your horizons even further and introduce you to Bid and Borrow. From baby hammocks to holiday apartments, this website has all the answers to hiring the stuff you need, and Global Cool caught up with owner Kelly Scales to find out all about it…

Bid & Borrow is a new kind of website that lets people share what they own with others for an affordable price, rather than waste money buying expensive goods. Kelly explained: “The website is a bit like eBay for borrowing and is a new, innovative way to share the things we own with others through lending and borrowing rather than buying. Anything from a bike, tent or pram to gym equipment. For example, if you wanted to borrow a blow-up mattress for the weekend, Bid & Borrow’s website connects you with someone in your community that has one to lend.”

We love the idea of borrowing and think it could really catch on. So what kind of things can you bid or borrow? Kelly said: “Bid & Borrow is about sharing. We focus on those items that you’re not quite ready to give away or part with, like the once-worn dress at the back of your wardrobe, the Playstation stowed under the TV, the boxed up workbench in your garage or the dusty camping gear in the loft.”

The old saying ‘sharing is caring’ can really go a long way. “I’m always on the borrow! Everything from suitcases, books and dvds to clothes and most definitely DIY equipment,” said Kelly. “I even have a dog-sharing arrangement with a friend!” Now that’s what we’re talking about!

Joining Bid and Borrow is simple: just visit the website and sign up. Members can lend for a fee and earn themselves some money or they can lend their stuff for free with no reservation fee at all.

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