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Is my relationship over?

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They say love is blind. So how do you know if that guy your with is really the love of your life or if all your mates are just waiting for you to break up so they can say “I never liked him anyway”?

In the past we’ve helped you to keep your head above water on the first date, and highlighted dating faux pas to avoid with a new love interest. We even scratched your three-year relationship itch so you could glue your love back together again. But what happens if you can’t make up your mind about whether to leave or stay? Don’t worry, we’ve made a dating quiz for all you indecisive gals and guys out there, so you can cling onto your prince or ditch that prat…

Is your boyfriend a bastard?

    Before clicking submit do a quick tally up of how many As and Bs you've got...

QUIZ: Are you a sex sinner? 
QUIZ: Which celebrity are you?

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