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Mike’s 30-minute (meat-free) meals: How to make a yummy, seasonal veggie quiche

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Because cooking up a storm in the kitchen doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

Quick Veggie Quiche Recipe

Welcome to our awesome veggie cooking feature brought to you by the very cool Mike Huddart. Each month he’ll be showing you that vegetarian cooking is anything but boring with his delicious and easy-to-make recipes. Bon appetite!

By Mike Huddart

With Autumn rolling in, I really wanted to make something using seasonal vegetables to add a little warmth to your lives. Seasonal veg is basically anything that is growing in the UK right now. Go have a chat with your local green grocer – I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to give you some tips. And remember fruit and veg that’s in season is usually much cheaper than non-seasonal produce so your pockets will thank you too!

Here is a quiche recipe for Autumn using sweet potato and red pepper. It takes a little over the 30 minute mark but it is BEAUTIFUL so I’m sure my editor will let me off. This is ideal for 4-5 people or spread it out and have some delicious preprepared lunches for work/uni/life.

IMG_0014.jpgIngredients (feeds 4-5):
1 small sweet potato
1 red pepper
1 small red onion
75g sheep cheese
5 eggs
200ml single cream
100ml milk
ready made shortcrust pastry
1tsp ground cumin,
1tsp ground coriander,
1tsp smoked paprika


1. Peel the sweet potato. Dice the potato, onion and pepper into small cubes. Add 1 tsp of smoked paprika, ground cumin and ground coriander.

2. Heat a teaspoon of oil in frying pan. Add the diced vegetables and leave to soften for 5 minutes on a medium to low heat (stirring occasionally to avoid sticking).

3. It is crucial when making a quiche to find the floweriest,  most garish yet somehow beautiful pie dish that exists. I highly recommend visiting your gran, she will have exactly what you are looking for. The dish I used is approximately 2x iPhone 6s in diameter (and not to discriminate against Androids, around two Galaxy 4S).

4. Grease the inside of the pie dish with butter and line with pastry. I used pre made, ready rolled shortcrust. If its good enough for Delia its good enough for me. If the pastry doesn’t quite fit, cut the edges off and start patching it together.

BONUS STEP: If you have baking beans (not BAKED beans or this could go very wrong), place greaseproof paper over the pastry, layer the baking beans onto and bake in the oven for 5 minutes. If you don’t have baking beans go to step 5.

5. Mix the eggs, milk and cream. This is best time to season with salt and pepper.

6. Spread the vegetables over the base of the pastry, keeping it even (you wouldn’t want an empty slice). Top with the egg mixture until it just covers the vegetables.

7. Grate sheep cheese and sprinkle over the top. You can try it with other cheeses but probably avoiding the milder ones.

8. Bake at 170 degrees (add 20 degrees if you aren’t using a fan oven) for 30 minutes. Whilst it’s cooking the sheep cheese may smell quite strong but I PROMISE it isn’t overpowering!


Quick Veggie Quiche

If you’re not ready to ditch meat completely from your diet then a good first step is incorporating Meat Free Mondays into your life! It really is a fantastic way to slim down that waistline too (healthy vegetarian meals tend to have a lower calorific content than meat alternatives). You can also save some money too as meat meals are on average more expensive than the veggie version. Check out loads more meat-free recipes now…

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Images: Mike Huddart.

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