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Save a ton of money just by turning down the glow on your TV

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Because watching your favourite shows doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

TV Glow

We’ve been nagging you for ages to turn off your tellybox properly rather than just leaving it on standby to save money and the planet. But now new research has found that you can save up to £100 a year just by turning down the brightness of your TV.

With the sharp increase in energy prices this season (grumble) lots of you have been following in our footsteps by turning down your heating and chucking on a jumper. And now you can save even more money by turning down the brightness on your TV a bit.

Experts say the high brightness setting used in stores is unnecessary for homes and reduces the picture quality of HD TVs. They also found that just by pushing a few buttons to turn down the glow people could reduce their bills by around £8 a month. Lowering the setting also really improved the picture quality too.

In fact the study found that the average family would save around £100 per year on just one television – just think how much more you could save if you have more than one TV!

The editor of the company carrying out the tests, Vincent Teoh, said: “Calibrating your TV is similar to washing at 30 degrees or only putting the right amount of water in the kettle – it’s more environmentally friendly and more cost effective.”

We hate to say we told you so…

Every brand of TV has a different setting so check your manual or look online for simple steps to turn down your TV’s brightness and start saving money today!

frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

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