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President Obama and climate change

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President Obama

So it happened, Mr Barack Obama turned into President Barack Obama and the hopes and dreams of the American nation and the world were ignited again. That moment, that point in time and history that makes everyone stand back and watch on in awe.

The internet and the social media are awash with commentary and conversation around the presidents moves on climate change. Just doing a quick Twitter search shows how there’s streams of people talking about what he’s promised and what the future may hold, both good and bad. Social news site Digg is soaked with submitted articles on the president and climate change that are written by everyone from professional journalists to bedroom bloggers.

Most seem to be alive with hope and optimism at his plan for tackling climate change. The Erlst has conveniently broken down his inauguration speech for environmental analysis, the Green Blog has analysed his recent speech on jobs, energy independence, and climate change and there’s loads more out there. Everything dating right back until November when he first made a promise to break from the Bush administration to open a new chapter in climate change, with a video below.

So, what do you think? He’s the most powerful man in the world and we’re backing him all the way, but what do you think about his stance on the climate? Is it enough? Start a topic in our forums if you like, we think he’s got the ability to make a real difference, as well as thinking he’s pretty cool, he just is, isn’t he?

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