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Pimp that helmet! How to get noticed on your bicycle

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Because standing out from the crowd doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

WiggyStyle Helmet


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Do you ever feel invisible as a cyclist? Want to do something to get noticed? We have the solution…

Bright Helmet

Fancy pimping up a helmet you own with a bit of inventive design?  We like the approach taken by Swedish company Wiggystyle, whose products give a fun distinctive look to a helmet.

The main product is the Wiggystyle (msin pic), which is a mohican or spiked wig that is placed on top of the helmet and goes down the middle of it.

The second product, the Brighthelmet (pictured right), is more practical. As it sounds it is a helmet with LED lights. The lights are placed on top of the helmet. The Brighthelmet lights can recharged by a USB port or with an adapter.

And here’s the instruction video for pimping your own helmet…

frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

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