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Mind the gap! The London Underground game is coming

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Because loving your commute doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

Rush Hour App

We love public transport! So much so we were pretty darn excited when we saw there was a London Underground game coming out (hopefully) next year…

Say hello to Colin the Commuter, this little guy needs to get to work! Help him along the London Underground in this new retro 8-bit open world adventure.

Rush Hour is a Super Mario style video game that is being developed by Antonia Jade Heslop and we think it looks awesome. She’s been working on it for good few years and with the help of her Kickstarter project we’ll hopefully all be able to play it by 2014.

Play at either commuter, casual or tourist levels and jump on the heads of fellow passengers who get in your way! Choose the right carriage to get on or risk being crushed, and dodge the people standing on the left on the escalators (*shudders*).

The game even features Boris Johnson on a zip wire (yes, we’re serious) and ends with you riding off with the Mayor on a bicycle made for two. How romantic.

Check out this video of game play now…

frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

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Pics: Rush Hour.

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