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This bracelet will charge your phone using your own body heat

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Because keeping up with the tech world doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

Kaist Thermoelectric Generator

By Jack Sullivan

We’ve come a long way since the Sega Dreamcast – once the coolest bit of tech you could get your teenage hands on. But if you thought smartphones were the peak of it… think again…

Take Google Glass, for example. It’s essentially a hands-free combination of a computer and a smartphone that the user places on their head and controls entirely with voice commands. It takes photos, records videos, checks the weather, calls your friends, plants directions in front of your eyes as you walk, and even ties your shoelaces. OK, so that last one may not technically be true but you have to admit that Google Glass is an extremely clever idea and will inevitably become a user’s best friend.

But it will simultaneously become the Earth’s worst enemy. Like all things technological, Google Glass needs to be charged in order over and over again (and don’t even get us started on the planet-unfriendly materials used to make them).

But there’s a solution on the horizon in the shape of tiny, little bracelet (yes, you read that right). A small, malleable, ultra-thin technological device has been developed by a team of researchers at the Korean Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST), which allows devices like Google Glass to be charged with body heat as the user wears them. Combining its flexibility with a high power output, this device has been developed with a higher power output than existing similar devices by eliminating baggage weight.

KAIST’s Professor Byung Jin Cho, the lead researcher for the project, spoke of the seemingly endless capabilities of the device. Not only is it going to be able to be used in smart-based technologies, it is also set to be applicable in automobiles, aircrafts and vessels in order to combat the vast amounts of wasted energy.

Constantly charged devices for the users and a massive reduction in both the usage of electricity and wasted energy for ol’ Mother Nature. Everyone’s a winner.

frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

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Image: KAIST

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