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Too busy to recycle? What a load of rubbish!

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Because cleaning up after yourself doesn’t have to cost the Earth…


We’ve lost count of how many people we’ve met who’ve told us they’re too busy/important/sexy to recycle. But the truth is recycling is easy peasy and it can actually makes you more sexy (we’re being serious, it really can). We know loads of you already recycle bottles, paper and food waste but what about all the other stuff that’s a bit harder to get rid of?

So to help you out we’ve put together a list of how to get rid of that pesky stuff…

Old TVs RecycledBe a conscious nerd
Got an old computer lying around? You know the one we’re talking about. It’s been sitting in the back of your garage since Lemmings was the only game on the planet. You don’t know what to do with and you sure as hell can’t be arsed to cart it to the nearest tip. So what’s the solution? The British Heart Foundation will take your unwanted computers (along with your sofas and other electrical items) for free. Their furniture and electrical stores always need good quality items and all you need to do is fill out a form and you’re clutter free!

Old Mobile PhoneBe a drop caller
Whether it’s an iPhone, an Android or an old ’80s brick, few of us could live without our mobile these days. But next time you’re falling inappropriately in love with your latest shiny handset, spare a thought for your old phone. Don’t just toss it in a draw to gather dust. Instead, do us and yourself a favour by recycling your old mobile phone with Envirophone – you can even get up to £500 for your old handset!

RecyclingClear out the clutter
We all have a hidden cupboard or drawer full of clutter we’re never going to use but can’t seem to be able to toss. It seems such a hassle to pack up a car and haul ass to the rubbish dump, but there is another way. List all your unwanted goods on Freecycle and if someone wants they they’ll come and collect them for you. Simples!

Wardrobe Clear Out Kick the clothing habit
Every year millions of unwanted garments end up in land fill just because they don’t fit their owner any more. Just think, if these items all ended up in charity shops there’d be tons more bargains to be had (and who doesn’t love a bargain?), so make sure you donate your clothes to your local shop.

frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

GC articles show you one of four ways (the one in bold) to live greener…

/ Be a winner (not a binner) /
/ Turn up the style (not the heat) /
/ Love the trend (not the spend) /
Do it in public (not the car/plane) /

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