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How brushing up on your hammering skills and fooling around in the shower can save the planet

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Because making your life easier doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

Here at Global Cool we know that life can be hectic and, although saving the planet is important to us, we don’t like to be pushy. So we’d like to introduce our new fortnightly feature, providing you with our top 5 easy green tips to follow so you can do your bit too. We promise all our tips will make your life easier, while easing up your footprint on the planet too. Enjoy…

Sharing Bath1. Is buying a proper coffee before work one of your morning rituals? If so, why not take your own mug/thermos to the coffee shop instead of wasting a paper cup each day? Some shops will even give you a little discount for bringing your own cup so it really is a win-win situation for all!

2. And speaking of bringing your own, if you’re still using plastic bags at supermarkets then you really are a fool. They break easily and clutter up your home, not to mention their awful impact on the planet. Why not use your own canvas bag at the supermarket instead – they look prettier, make it easier to carry heavy stuff and will protect your purchases from the rain too. Plastic bags are soooo yesterday anyway.

3. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we’ve been thinking about how to spice up our love lives. Instead of fighting over shower slots with your other half why not hop in together and share a shower every once in a while. It’s a great way to save water and it might even reignite that spark in your relationship you’ve been searching for.

4. Learning how to fix things yourself is a fantastic way to save money and ease up your impact on the planet. Instead of replacing everything that breaks or looks a bit tattered, try fixing, decorating or upcycling them. Brushing up on your DIY skills can breathe some life into a tired home and make you feel a little bit kick-ass for learning a new skill.

5. Did you know that refrigerators and freezers use about a sixth of a home’s electricity? That’s pretty gosh darn high eh?! And it’s easy for those dials to get knocked out of place by oversized tubs of leftovers and midnight snacking, so make sure you have the dials on your fridge/freezer set at the right temperature. Each appliance can be different but the general rule of thumb is to keep your fridge at around 3 degrees C. Anything colder is probably overkill, and a waste of energy and money.

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frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

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