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Beer me! The Dutch turn the Olympics green at Heineken House

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Because living life to the max doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

Holland House

We could learn a lot from the Dutch about how to live a greener life! They’re already doing so much for clean energy in the Netherlands and their cycling schemes are awesome too.

Now they’ve brought a touch of green thinking to the UK with their official Olympic house. Pitched up in Alexandra Palace, Heineken House is all about sustainability, staying green and, of course, beer!

There’s an indoor running track, giant screens to watch the Games, a rowing boat and plenty of pints to knock back. The Dutch may have turned Holland House at Ally Pally orange, but their their message is inherently a green one.

As part of their ‘Brewing a better future’ campaign, all of the materials used to build the space were brought into the UK by boat rather than plane and they are making sure to manage their waste sensibly by using completely recylcably cups.

There are over 100 fridges on site to ensure you’re never without a cold beer, but these fridges are extra special as they use 35% less energy than a normal one. After the party is over everything will be reused again too.

Check it out for yourself now…

frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

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