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Apps In Public: Goodbye gym, hello super fit body…

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By Emily Rycroft

Our guide to the best iPhone apps for making you just that little bit greener…

Fitnio- Free (with ads)

Nobody wants to sweat it out at the gym anymore. We’re sick of all that artificia air conditioning, constantly looking flustered in front of that very attractive personal trainer and having to remortgage our flats for the privilege. So, why not make the world your gym and go for a run outside? Not only is it better for your skin and breathing, you’re also doing something great for your planet.

The Fitnio app integrates with the iPhone’s GPS technology to give you real-time running feedback and automatically calculates and displays your distance, speed, pace and calories burned.

Kill some time on the bus or train too by creating a motivational keep fit play list (hello Eye of the Tiger) in your iPod app. You can then pull this play list into Fitnio and it will automatically start when you start exercising, with the ability to skip songs from within the application.

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