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Central heating is making you fat

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Because keeping warm and healthy doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

Central Heating Makes You Fat

We’ve recently been reading a load of studies on the impact of central heating on our bodies. And one of the most interesting ones by UCL discovered that we are so used to being cosy in our homes that our bodies no longer have to use as much energy to battle cold weather. Add to this the fact that people spend a large quantity of time in the home with almost everything available at the click of a mouse. When we do venture outside it is often in the confines of a heated car transporting us to a warm office or snug shopping centre. And scientists from University College London found that as a result, obesity rates are soaring.

Research carried out in the Obesity Review Journal found a direct correlation between cosying up in our homes and a decline in our body’s ability to burn specific types of fat. Study co-author Marcella Ucci said: “The findings suggest that lower winter temperatures in buildings might contribute to tackling obesity as well as reducing carbon emissions.”

So we think it’s time to turn down the heating, save some pennies on your bills and shed some pounds!

Try staying warm with your favourite woolly jumper or check out this video* of supermodel Stella Tennant Turning Up The Style and Turning Down The Heat…

*The ASOS competition advertised at the end of this video is unfortunately over, but we have loads more competitions you can enter here.

frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

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