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How to never spill your beer again while cycling, plus the stealth fighter bicycle

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Once again it’s time for our usual mix of bite-sized bike-related items that we hope will bring a smile to your weekend. Enjoy…

Fred PerryFred Perry does cycling
Classic British clothing brand Fred Perry has a unique heritage that’s firmly rooted in sports and subculture, but it is not only football the firm is associated with. Fred Perry’s classic pique cycling shirt has been standard Mod attire since the 60s. Following on from a collection last year, Fred Perry has expanded its range for this Spring/Summer with a collection that consists of five 100% cotton cycling shirts with the classic Fred Perry pique. Also in the range is a nylon cire cycling jacket, a messenger bag and perforated cycling shoes in both black and white. The collection should be in the shops just about now.

Beer holder
We’re not advocating drinking alcohol while you ride but all of us here at the Going Going Bike offices were very impressed with the Bicycle Can Cage product. The cage, which sits in front of the handlebar, will hold a can of beer or a soft drink snugly making sure none of it spills as you ride. For ultimate hipster status, the cage is made out of leather (and is hand stitched) so it will look nice on a paired down Fixie. The cage sits on the bike handlebar using dual clamps around the handlebars and a lower one on the handlebar stem. The BCC retails for $64 dollars in the US and is made by Walnut Studiolo in Portland. For the more romantic among you, Going Going Bike of course has a frame mounted wine rack that carries a wine bottle on a bike available to buy from our marketplace.

The stealth bike
We’re not sure whether the X-9 Nighthawk bike can be picked up by radar but the experimental concept bike has much in common with the US’s F-117 iconic stealth fighter airplane. Developed by bike maker and engineer Brano Meres, the bike is made with the same aramid honeycomb sandwich panel techniques that are used in the aircraft industry. A lightweight carbon fibre skin is placed over the aramid honeycomb panels to give structural integrity. The X-9 Nighthawk bike frame weighs just 1.3kg.


Here comes the science bit…

Global Cool wants you to lead a green and happy life. This article can help you to be green by:
1. Walking or cycling whenever you can
2. If you can’t cycle them make sure you’re using public transport rather than the car.

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