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APPS: Sick of the rain? Make sure you never forget your brolly again

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Because staying dry doesn’t have to cost the Earth…


After sunshine at the weekend, we’re sure you’ll join us in a collective sigh about the miserable weather we’ve had in the UK for the last couple of days. As if the cold snap wasn’t enough, now we’re caught up in a downpour!

With such unpredictable weather it’s hard to know whether to pack a brolly, earmuffs or a pair of sunglasses! But there’s fabulous app that’ll ensure you’re prepared whatever the weather. So now you never need to be without an umbrella when you’re waiting for the bus again…


Swackett – Free

Swakett is the free weather app with a twist! This visual weather report app offers you a fun new way to look at the weather.

The app takes normal weather data (like temperature, wind velocity etc) and then converts it into an easy-to-understand image. This image features “peeps” – described as ‘people symbols who know lots about weather and fashion and stuff (with a sense of humour).

These “peeps” appear on your screen dressed appropriately for the weather that day. If it’s a nice day expect your “peep” to be wearing shorts and sunglasses — and they even remember to bring along drinking water and sunblock too (not that we’ll be needing any of these things for quite a while!).

If it happens to be cold outside (and you know it will be), “peeps” appear dressed in winter hats, coats and boots. And if it’s raining they’re never without an umbrella.

Get a daily dose of Swackett to ensure you always remember to grab the right kit for the day and make sure you’re picking up your umbrella from one of these awesome retailers too so you’ll never be stuck with a broken brolly in the rain again!

frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

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