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SMART BUY: Soak away your troubles the LUSH way just like Shakira

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It’s not hard to sniff out a Lush shop! We’re all familiar with the delightfully over-powering scent that wafts from every Lush store all over the country. And now popstar Shakira and the people behind the scenes at Lush have come up with this eggs-cellent Easter-themed bath bomb to make your bath time more fun….

Bath Bomb

They’ve created a giant bath bomb egg with a secret surprise inside that rattles when you give it a shake. Just fill up the tub and then crack the bath bomb like a real egg or just toss the whole thing in and watch the fizz! We this it’s an eggs-ceptional idea and is eggs-actly what your body needs after a long day (OK, we’ll stop that bad egg puns now)

Shakira herself created the fragrance for The Immaculate Eggception eggs. The lady with the truthful hips picked grapefruit and lemon oils mixed with vanilla. , as well as warming and sensual vanilla. They smell delicious and when it comes to bath bombs we really think Shakira might have cracked it (OK, we’ll actually stop now).

And here’s Shakira’s video for Hips Don’t Lie because now we can’t get it out of our heads…

frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

Living green doesn’t have to mean growing dreadlocks and becoming an eco-warrior. At Global Cool we reckon a greener life is still a fun one. We’ve found four simple ways you can be greener without sacrificing the things you love. All our articles highlight one way (the one in bold below) to start being greener…

1. Be a winner, not a binner (aka recycling and reusing stuff)
2. Turn up the style, not the heat (aka using less energy at home)
3. Love the trend, not the spend (aka buying stuff that doesn’t harm the planet)
4. Do it in public (aka ditching the car and plane when you can)

Pic: PA Images and Lush

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