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Help Riz Boardshorts become the world’s first 100% recycled and recyclable boardshort brand

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Because taking a summer holiday doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

Riz Boardshorts - Recycled Bottle Shorts

OK so we know it’s December but we’re just going to pretend for a moment that it’s not and talk to you about swim wear.

The oceans are vital for the survival of our planet. Sadly, our oceans and beaches are littered with waste plastics. In fact experts estimate that there are 46,000 pieces of plastic in every square mile of the ocean.

Introducing the awesome Riz Boardshorts! Their mission is to make beautiful boardshorts for a beautiful plastic-free ocean. They don’t want their shorts to end up littering landfills or oceans, so, in an effort to do their part, they’ve developed the Rizcycling programme.

Rizcycling means working with customers to create a perpetual loop that transforms waste and worn out swimwear into beautiful new products…Riz Boardshorts - Recycled Bottle Shorts

The folk at Riz Boardshort want to go beyond recycled fabrics and develop the world’s first 100% recycled and recyclable pair of shorts. That means all their threads, zippers and cords as well as their fabrics and packaging.

For Spring Summer 2015, they want to offer an expanded range of boardshorts, including a small women’s range as well as new men’s products such as a printed organic walk short and an Hawaiian style shirt.

If you want to give them a helping hand along the way, check out their fundraising page now.

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Images: Riz Boardshorts.

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