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NO LIKEY, NO LIGHTY: Why we want to see Rihanna naked again

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Because having a fashion fail shouldn’t cost the Earth…


We’re big fans of Take Me Out! So, as a reminder to turn off your lights when you leave the room we bring you a celeb with a fashion fail who would definitely get a No Likey, No Lighty from us…

We’re used to seeing Rihanna barely clothed in tiny ensembles, writhing about on stage. She used only body paint to cover her modesty in one video (see below) and even once got thrown off a farmer’s land for being too risqué during a shoot.

So it’s fair to say we were pretty surprised to see her choice of outfits while switching on the Christmas Lights at Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford last week.

The Diamonds singer was suited and booted in a very odd and rather unflattering outfit. It looked like she had teamed a pair of baggy striped pyjamas with a ridiculously oversized man’s blazer and white shirt.

Add the odd necklace, over-the-top sunglasses and clashing lipstick and the result was rather alarming.

We think Rihanna’s a very pretty girl but this get-up just swamps her frame and makes her look like Willy Wonka (and not in an attractive Johnny Depp way!) We hope Ri-Ri ditches this look soon and strips off a bit next time!

For now here’s Rihanna (almost) naked in her video for Where Have You Been

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