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GET THE LOOK: How to make the ladies swoon like Jamie Dornan

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Because dressing like a celeb doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

Dress Like Jamie Dornan

50 Shades of Grey was released this weekend in the UK and we know quite a few ladies (and chaps) who spent their Valentine’s Day evening swooning over the gorgeous Jamie Dornan. Mr Grey certainly stole some hearts with his dreamy blue eyes and sharp suits. And we’ve found some eco alternatives so you can get his look…

Brave GentleMan have released their latest line of suits and they’re truly some of the most handsome outfits we’ve ever seen. Designed by Joshua Katcher, a blogger devoted to researching the very best men’s designers, brands, and lifestyle products that meet a rare combination of stringent aesthetic and ethical criteria.

This brand also sells only 100% vegan clothing that has been made sustainably in fair-labour conditions. The sleek lines and designs of these suits (below) will have hearts racing in no time. Click here to see the full range.


frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

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Jamie Dornan image: PA images. All other images Brave GentleMan.

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