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NO LIKEY NO LIGHTY: Helen Flanagan makes a tit of herself again

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Because having a fashion fail shouldn’t cost the Earth…

Helen Flanagan

We’re big fans of Take Me Out! So, as a reminder to turn off your lights when you leave the room we bring you a celeb with a fashion fail who would definitely get a No Likey, No Lighty from us…

We’ve not been massive fans of Helen Flanagan after her stint on I’m A Celebrity… (although she did slowly grow on us as the weeks went on) but since she’s gone out we’re getting a bit sick of her putting quite so much skin on display.

The actress apparently has never heard the saying ‘less is more’ as she seems to be on a vendetta to show as much cleavage as possible at every public event that she can.

The buxom blonde didn’t leave much to the imagination at The Sun Military Awards 2012 and there were several occasions when there was real danger of her falling out of her dress entirely.

Although we obviously can’t deny the fact that she does have a pretty impressive rack, we are starting to find her constant exhibitionism somewhat inappropriate.

So Helen, to make us feel better we’re going to watch you trying to eat a camel toe because it makes us chuckle…


frankensteinHere comes the science bit…

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