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Grunge fashion! Tie dye, army print and granny grunge for guys

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Because doing grunge fashion properly doesn’t have to cost the Earth…

Grunge Fashion

Grunge fashion is back and we’re ready to jump on the bandwagon. If you cast your minds back you’ll remember how popular grunge fashion was in the ’90s (think Clueless and Nirvana). And now the trend is making a very big comeback. Check out our hottest picks of grunge fashion for the lads from ASOS Marketplace…

Start your grunge fashion look in this Vintage German Jacket (above left). This army print parka coat looks best tossed over a black jumper with a slouchy beanie hat. It may be vintage but it’s in great condition and has that perfect worn-in look to it.

A Nirvana t-shirt is a must in your grunge fashion wardrobe. This Kurt Cobain themed tee (above centre) has the perfect rock punk look and is only £10 pre-loved. Or if you’re not a Nirvana fan show your love of grunge fashion in a tie dye t-shirt instead. This Collect Grey Tie-Dye Winter Sports T-Shirt (above right) is just the ticket.

Grunge Fashion

Flannel shirts are a staple grunge fashion look and they’ve survived the fashion test of time for a reason. Pick up your own Vintage Plaid Grunge Flannel Shirt (above left), do the buttons up all the way or leave open over a t-shirt and you’re on your way.

We know you’re probably still wondering what that ‘granny grunge for guys’ is that we mentioned in the title. Well here’s your answer… Grunge fashion is about experimenting and being unafraid to try something a bit out there. Why not grab a large ladies charity vintage jumper (yes, you read that right). Try this ‘90s FRESH Granny Grunge Jumper (above centre). This chunky knit may be covered in floral prints but it’s the epitome of edgy and will keep you warm too!

Finally, a grunge fashion guide wouldn’t be complete without a decent denim jacket. This Vintage Denim Jacket (above right) is a well cared for Levis classic. Copy the model and chuck it on over a hoody to keep you warm in the winter months.

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All images ASOS Marketplace.

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