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5 top tips for the responsible fashionista

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 Because great style doesn’t have to cost the Earth…


By Millie Rainer

Believe it or not, our clothes and accessories do play a role in building or breaking the health of our planet. And by choosing to buy eco-friendly clothing and other fashion items you can impact our planet positively.

Here are a few green fashion tips that let you do your bit for Mother Earth…

Learn about fabrics
Learn About FabricsMake it a point to educate yourself about green fabrics. Many major retailers now sell garments made from natural fibers like organic cotton and hemp. Technology has also made it possible to produce fabric by recycling unusal items such as soda bottles (no, we’re not lying).

Research brands that employ eco-friendly methods to manufacture and source clothing, and try to start reading the labels before buying clothes.

And of course, say no to fur, leather, and other items which lead to the killing of animals. Just think of those poor bunnies!

Buy local
Local Clothing Fairs
An easy way of buying eco-friendly is by shopping at local fairs. This is the place where you can get complete information about the items on sale straight from the horse’s mouth: the store staff. These businesses use eco-friendly raw material to produce a range of items meant for fashion, general consumption, and home decoration.

Buying from local small businesses is a great way of reducing the carbon footprint of your garments too as they’re manufactured locally. And you’re helping to support your local area too!

Shop at vintage stores
Vintage ShopIt makes sense to shop at vintage stores and charity shops – it’ll keep your style unique and you’ll be doing your bit for the Earth by buying pre-loved garments.

If you look around carefully, you can even find vintage garments in mint condition. Or old items that have been reworked to give them a modern twist. If you don’t know where to start with charity shopping we have a great beginners guide to second-hand shopping (and getting amazing bargains).

Reusing clothes or using second-hand clothes is especially advantageous when it comes to dressing children because they’re always growing and their sizes keep changing. This way you can shop for clothes for them without harming the planet or burning a hole in your pocket.

Support Fair Trade
Fairtrade Supporting Fair Trade practices is a humanitarian effort towards reducing poverty and promoting sustainable trade practices all over the world, particularly in developing countries. By buying Fair Trade, you encourage healthy working conditions and equal rights for workers. You can support this cause by buying your kecks from brands that support Fair Trade.

It is important to back Fair Trade to ensure that the revenue earned from selling items goes directly to the producers for their hard work, instead of the middle men. Let’s keep clothes on everyones’ backs.

Know how to care for your clothes
Care For Your Clothes
We all know that the way we wash our clothes has a direct impact on their longevity. My top tip is to turn your clothes inside out and use the lowest temperature possible in a washing machine with an Energy Star label. It’ll keep your favourite sweater looking newer for longer.

Also using non-toxic, phosphate-free detergents can keep your clothes in better knick too. And for heaven’s sake, please stay away from that tumble dryer!

Happy shopping!

Millie Rainer is a content strategist for Adorona.com. Millie also loves being a part of the Mom blogging community and finding out how Women Entrepreneurs succeed at what they do best. Hit her up on Twitter @MillieRainer

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