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Dress to impress! Top ethical fashion designers of London Fashion Week A/W 2012

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Louise Gray Catwalk - London Fashion Week

Our latest Get Involved post comes from Global Cool mate and fashion expert Lauren Cooper

It’s that time of year again, and I was very excited about seeing all the up and coming designers and their Autumn/Winter 2012 previews at London Fashion Week. This is the place where people dress up to express there individuality, personality and with many, their creative flare for fashion.

As I meandered around Somerset House in my pre-loved jumper and my eight year old classic pencil skirt (which I hope in 20 years I can call vintage), I saw so many fashion enthusiasts in their second-hand and vintage items. It’s not only inspiring to see people in unique pieces rather than mass produced items, but it’s also positive to see many people are making fashion sustainable by seeking items they can re-use and taking care of these older pieces so they do last longer.

So without further ado, here are my top four favourite Estethica designers to keep your eye on this year…

The North Circular

The North Circular
The Estethica exhibitions are a mix of artistic fashion, traditional methods and innovative designs, made in a wide range of designs and production techniques. One of the new faces that I was instantly drawn to was The North Circular – a range of beautiful and classic knitwear, which is still incredibly stylish. I’ve been hunting for a navy wool scarf for so long; yet, high street chains appear to use synthetic fibres such as acrylic and viscose. Finally, I’ve found a designer using traditional methods and natural fibres, and still managing to produce top quality knitwear. The North Circular believes in ethical production using Wensleydale sheep wool, traditional craftsmanship and producing all their designs in Britain. The quality of the knitwear ensures that these pieces are made to last, and all the knitwear is unbelievably soft and luxurious as the wool has no Kemp, which means no itch – perfect for Turning Up The Style and Turning Down The Heating at home!

Tassel Necklaces

Joanna Cave
Every lady is partial to a bit of eye candy and I’m not talking about a handsome man –  it’s jewellery that makes my heart flutter. Joanna Cave pieces are elegant, dainty but with an abundance of character. Her intricate gold jewellery looks great against the vibrant coloured tassels on her necklaces, and the designs reflect the Indian inspiration for her A/W 2012 collection. She has thoughtfully dedicated this collection to the working women of India, whom represent both strength and femininity. With such a beautiful collection, it is also encouraging that Joanna Cave ethically sources the pearls and silver used from recycled sources.

Victim Fashion Street
Victim Fashion StreetVictim Fashion Street, brings an artistic and creative edge to the shows, with collaged vintage material and some items decorated with jewellery. The designers have been greatly imaginative by reinventing old pieces with recycled chains and fabrics, bringing a new meaning to the word sustainability. With the Olympic Games almost upon us, it was great to see some collage dresses incorporating the British flag, emphasising patriotism with style and flare.

Henrietta Ludgate
Henrietta LudgateSophistication and style is a key feature for designer Henrietta Ludgate. The A/W 2012 collection is inspired by the hurricane, imposing a strong and mystical image, with lavish elements such as Swarovski crystals. Her designs are innovating yet have a touch of elegance, exhibited by a sophisticated dress incorporating millinery tubing (pictured right). Ludgate emphasises the importance of sustainability by using quality British material and craftsmanship. Her Bayswater store also combines a workshop where the public can see the production happening.

Ethethica has again been able to display inspirational designers who consider green and ethical issues relating to fashion. It should encourage us, the fashion-obsessed, to consider how we can re-use and re-invent our own clothes. Furthermore, the designers remind us how the clothes we buy are sourced and produced, and put ethical thoughts at the forefront of our minds. Fashion is all about looking good and expressing our personality, but doing this with morals and ethical consideration will only add another dimension our individual style!

Here comes the science bit…
Global Cool wants you to lead a green and happy life. This article can help you to be green by:

1. Wearing vintage, recycled or pre-loved clothes instead of something new.
2. Shopping at a great ethical clothing boutiques like the ethical designers above.

 Pics: PA Images and Emily Rycroft

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